We have benefits in view

We understand innovation to be the evolutionary or even revolutionary further development of ideas and products, with the goal of achieving the greatest possible benefit for customers. The consistent implementation of this development strategy has made NORD one of the most successful technological leaders in the field of drive units.

Continually increasing energy prices and the associated increases in operating costs make it essential for companies to reduce their expenditure in order to remain competitive. Simply the fact that about 2/3 of industrial electricity consumption is due to drive technology makes high efficiency drive solutions essential. This is the basis of our especially energy-efficient drive solutions, for which we use individual and flexibly programmable drive electronics.

Combined with our energy-efficient motors and almost loss-free NORD gear units, we produce system solutions with ultimate efficiency and economy.

The new IEC 60034-30 standard globally defines and harmonizes the efficiency classes IE1, IE2 and IE3 for low voltage three-phase motors. As can be seen in the following list, the future unified classification will exceed the efficiencies currently in use in Europe (Eff1, Eff2). The significantly increased efficiency of NORD energysaving three-phase motors allows you to reduce operating costs even further. NORD also supplies energy-saving three-phase motors which comply with the specifications of the US Energy Policy Act of 1992 (EPAct).
Country Efficiency class Statutory starting date Availability from NORD
Europe IE2 June 2011 available
Europe IE3 2015/2017 available
USA Premium (IE3) December 2010 available
Canada Premium (IE3) January 2011 available
Brazil Alto Redimento (IE2) December 2009 available
China Grade 2 (IE2) July 2011 available
Korea MEPS (IE2) January 2010 available
Australia MEPS (IE2) 2006 available
Mexico MEPS (IE3) 2011 available
Example: NORD's industrial gear unit with UNICASE Housing

As early as 1981, NORD developed the most important innovation in gear unit construction to the present day. The unicase concept. This is produced from a solid block of steel or aluminium, which encloses all the elements of the gear unit. The benefits for our customers include extreme reliability and sealing, safe handling of even the largest output torques, high axial and radial load bearing, quiet running and low maintenance and especially long operating life.

The unicase concept soon became established on the market and is now the standard for the production of gear unit housings. NORD produces helical, parallel, bevel and worm gear drives and is the world´s only manufacturer of large sized industrial unicase gear units.