NORD geared motors

for Durance Granulats quarry

SMIL has chosen Nord Drivesystems geared motors for the new conveyor system at the Gardanne quarry operated by Durance Granulats, in the south of France. This will increase capacity by 25%, taking the weight of ore processed from 400,000 tonnes to 500,000 tonnes a year.

Antriebstechnik von Nord in einem Steinbruch



Focus on the Customer


A metal construction specialist based in Frontignan near Montpellier, SMIL – short for Société de Montage Industriels du Languedoc – is a manufacturer of complex conveyor systems, usually designed for heavy loads. The company primarily serves customers in three markets: quarries and mines, industrial buildings, and aeronautical and marine applications. SMIL engineers and manufactures custom systems and provides all necessary on-site installation services.

Focus on the Project
At the Durance Granulats quarry in Gardanne in the South of France, a new intra-logistics system supplied by SMIL considerably enhances the plant‘s productivity. New belt conveyors equipped with SK 90 series helical bevel geared motors from NORD enable

  • the exploitation of three sources of material instead of one, and
  • a 25 % increase in production capacity to a new total of 500,000 tons of processed material per year.


Project Challenges


Durance Granulats, filiale du groupe EUROVIA, exploite une carrière à Gardanne, dans le sud de la France, qui extrait et traite des composants de base pour les matériaux de construction. Souhaitant augmenter la capacité de production du site, la société a fait appel à la SMIL pour concevoir et réaliser l'installation complète d'un site de traitement de granulats équipé de 25 nouveaux convoyeurs. L'ancienne installation, devenue obsolète, a été en partie démontée, et tout l'équipement a été renouvelé.
Exploitation de davantage de gisements L'un des principaux objectifs de la nouvelle installation consistait à améliorer les capacités afin de permettre l'exploitation de trois gisements différents, contre un seul auparavant. Des sables, graviers, ballasts et tout-venants peuvent désormais être extraits de la carrière elle-même et d'un second site situé à 30 km. Ces produits sont destinés principalement aux travaux routiers (couches de forme et couches de base). Le troisième site est une plate-forme de recyclage pour revaloriser des matériaux de déconstruction du BTP. Les nouveaux convoyeurs de la SMIL font le lien entre l'arrivée du minerai, les équipements de valorisation et la sortie de la carrière.

Conception durable Les convoyeurs de la SMIL nécessitaient une solution robuste, très fiable et comprise dans un budget très précis. Par ailleurs, le système d'entraînement devait permettre des remplacements aisés en cas de pannes de moteur.


Application Solution

UNICASE helical bevel gear motor, Kegelradgetriebemotor, motoriduttori ortogonali UNICASE

A tight budget notwithstanding, NORD was able to provide highly reliable, safe, and easy-to-service drive solutions for the conveyor installation.

Integrated safety. – The belt conveyors were equipped with SK 90 series helical bevel geared motors, which are sealed to IP55 standard and feature an anti-run-back system. The latter is a mechanism that operates when the conveyor is halted to prevent the belt from running backwards under the weight of the load. This device is incorporated into the gears. NORD supplied a total of 26 geared motors rated from 2.2 kW to 22 kW.

Robust and user-friendly. – One-piece UNICASE gear housings with integrated shaft bearings provide for maximum torsional strength and excellent radial and axial load capacities. Since all bearing surfaces are machined in one operation, these gears achieve a particularly long lifespan. Pre-assembly was carried out in SMIL‘s workshop to fit the geared motors to the conveyor heads. Universal motors with IEC fittings are used to allow for quick and easy replacements if a motor does break down.

Comprehensive cooperation. – In the early engineering stage, SMIL also drew on support from NORD teams who assisted in the specification of the most suitable equipment for the target application. While work on the complex Gardanne project was underway, NORD drive systems were also selected for several other conveyor belts installed at another plant operated by Durance Granulats.

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