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NORD Drivesystems is one of the world's leading manufacturers of drive technology for mechanical and electronic solutions. The range of products includes constant speed reducers, gearmotors, industrial gear units, motor starters and AC Vector drives for decentralized control.

News and Announcements

Power/mation Presents Dynamic Partner Award to NORD Gear Corporation


Power/mation, a high-tech automation distributor headquartered in St. Paul, Minnesota, recently recognized NORD Gear by presenting their Dynamic Partner Award for Product Innovation.

MAXXDRIVE Large Industrial Gearing

NORD Calender Drives in Legg Manufacturing Industrial and Agricultural Belting Facility


What could be better than no trouble? - NORD drives new calender (and just about everything else) in Legg Manufacturing Industrial & Agricultural Belting Plant.

Toughest Shell in the Shellfish Line

Corrosion-Resistant Gear Drives At Work


In the Krijn Verwijs shellfish production center, rapid drive corrosion due to a saltwater atmosphere is a major concern. NORD aluminum alloy-housed gear drives, with the unique NSDtupH surface conversion system, provide an economical solution.

Wabash National Corporation Recognizes NORD Gear Corporation


NORD Gear Receives Platinum Award for Excellence in Performance

NORD GEAR joins American Gear Manufacturers Association (AGMA)


For the past 50 years, NORD Gear Corporation, known globally as NORD Drivesystems, has introduced new practices in overcoming common problems. In the early 1980’s, NORD engineers developed one of the most important innovations in gearbox construction: the......



2015-08-25 – 2015-08-28

Hannover, Brazil
Welcome to Hannover on our stand. We look forward to meeting you there and are preparing for interesting discussions with you. You can use this opportunity to meet specialists from various fields to discuss the best solutions for your applications.


2015-03-09 – 2015-03-10

Algier, Algeria


2015-03-11 – 2015-03-12

Antwerp, Netherlands


2015-03-11 – 2015-03-12

Kristansand, Norway